Daily Archives: May 1, 2021

The True Face Of Racism

How liberals live with themselves is something I will never understand. Im kind of happy about that, actually. While it might be helpful to comprehend your opponents way of thinking, the depravity necessary to get a handle on how a collectivist sociopathic psyche functions could only lead to a dark, confusing place from which reemerging would make a David Lynch movie seem coherent. But there is one thing easily discovered, by even a casual observance, about the people who strictly and gleefully adhere to left-wing dogma: racism is the loadbearing wall of their entire house of cards.

Materials Acquisition for Global Industrial Change

Via executive orders, regulatory edicts and partisan Green New Deal legislation, President Biden intends to slash US carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions by 50% below their 2005 peak by 2030, and eliminate them (and fossil fuel use) by 2050. But as AOCs former chief of staff noted, the GND is not just about transforming Americas energy system; its about changing the entire economy.