Daily Archives: November 8, 2021

Infrastructure Bill Paving Way for Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are a major focus of the bipartisan infrastructure bill, which includes $7.5 billion for charging stations that the Biden administration says are critical to accelerating the use of electric vehicles to curb climate change. It would also provide $5 billion for the purchase of electric school buses and hybrids, reducing reliance on school buses that run on diesel…

1 Airlifted After Shooting at Lincoln Memorial: US Park Police

The United States Park Police say they responded to a shooting at the Lincoln Memorial in the nation’s capital Monday. One person was airlifted from the scene, authorities said. Video circulating on social media shows a helicopter landing by the reflecting pool. Two sources tell News4 that the gunfire was self-inflicted. This is a developing story. Refresh for updates.

Metro Tests 7000 Series Trains

Metro began testing two trains with 7000 series railcars Monday. The transit agency pulled all of its 7000 series railcars after Oct. 12’s partial derailment on the Blue Line, which happened near the Arlington Cemetery station. The eight-car test trains are stopping at stations but not carrying passengers, Metro said. It’s part of the plan to submit a new testing plan…