Daily Archives: April 2, 2021

How Did the Cancel Culture Become Dominant So Quickly?

The cancel culture rejects the political view encapsulated in the Declaration of Independence. In particular, it rejects the idea that people have a right to pursue their own happiness. It also rejects the idea of basic rights guaranteed in the Constitution, including freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of assembly.

My Comparison Between Wokeism And Fundamentalist Christianity Touched A Nerve

If you read my column last month, titled Fundamentalist Christianity And Fundamentalist Wokeism Are Two Sides Of The Same Coin, and took a gander at the comments, you might know that I managed to touch a nerve with more than a few folks Im guessing might possibly be of the fundamentalist Christian persuasion, or somewhere thereabouts. I think feedback is important and I always appreciate it when people make comments on my columns, good or bad. Though theres not always time to read them all, I do try to make extra effort when something is more controversial than normal. This one? To say it was more controversial than normal is a gross understatement, apparently. I mean wow, those comments – most of which were negative – were like a train wreck thats impossible to look away from. Just bruuutal!