Daily Archives: February 4, 2021

Impassioned Testimony on Proposed Removal of School Resource Officers in Montgomery County

The Montgomery County Council heard impassioned public feedback Thursday evening on a bill to remove school resource officers from public schools. The issue of removing SROs became a focal point of Black Lives Matter protests in Montgomery County last summer after the murder of George Floyd.  “Everyone on this Council seems to agree that Black lives matter,†former Board of…

MDOT to Make Beltway Rougher to Prevent Speeding, Crashes

Drivers in Montgomery County may start noticing a rougher ride on the Beltway soon.  Message boards are all over the roads remind people about speed, but the Maryland Department of Transportation is taking further action.  “Speed limits still apply no matter what time of day or day of the week, and they are there for a reason,†said Pete Piringer,…

HBCUs See a Spike in Enrollment

While enrollment at traditional universities is seeing a decline, enrollment has spiked at historically black colleges and universities across the country. Anthony Jones, Howard University’s assistant vice president of enrollment, said this HBCU movement is proving to be successful. “The world is becoming woke to what we’ve already known for a very long time, and that is that HBCU’s have results,