Daily Archives: March 14, 2020

Maryland Enacts Emergency Order to Expand Access to Child Care

Gov. Larry Hogan enacted an emergency order to expand access to child care for critical personnel amid the coronavirus outbreak today. The directive is intended to ensure that the children of emergency services personnel will have adequate care as their parents continue to work “on the front lines†of the coronavirus public health threat. “Every child care and day care…

Mother of High-Risk Son Publicly Shamed for Wearing Medical Mask

Eight-year-old Jack Nelson has cystic fibrosis. He’s in the CDC’s high risk category for COVID-19. If Jack got coronavirus, “he would die,†says his mother, Tasha Nelson. Tasha and the rest of Jack’s family have gone to extreme measures to ensure Jack’s safety, including disinfecting everything that goes in and out of the house and wearing protective gear while outdoors….