Daily Archives: January 21, 2018

Let’s Stop Calling it a Government Shutdown

The more government “shutdowns” that take place in recent years, the more people realize they’re not really shutdowns. They’re merely called that to make the other political party look bad. Urgent services aren’t curtailed, and even non-urgent services and landmarks like public monuments are often kept open through creative ways.

The Missed Opportunities of the Women’s March

Another year, another Women’s March. While the official website for the movement clarified the March’s purpose, it appears that those marching did not get the message. The result was a massive wasted effort that came off as ongoing bitterness towards President Donald J. Trump, and lacking in actionable directives for helping women suffering in other countries.

The New Children’s Crusade?

Last month environmental groups, with Our Children’s Trust,used children as plaintiffs in suing President Donald Trump for allegedly imperiling future generations by turning his back on President Barack Obama’s policies to fight climate change.