Kelly to Ramos on Trump: ‘What’s it like to be caught in the crosshairs’

The two people who have made headlines for their confrontations with Donald Trump got a chance to discuss the candidate Wednesday.

Smartest Woman in the World?

For many years now weve been told by the Democrat Party and its allies in the so-called mainstream news media that Hillary Clinton is the smartest woman in the world. The most competent and qualified to be President of the United States. Far and above any of her competitors for the highest office in the land.

A Hymn for Our Time

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, wrote Yeats in The Second Coming. He penned those words in 1919, but as David Lehman observes, those words provide a summary of the present age (WSJ, 7/25-26/15).

The Know-Nothing Candidate

Donald Trump’s strange — and alarming — campaign for president is not without precedent, but not since Pat Buchanan in 1990 has there been a political figure who managed to combine and exploit so many hateful aspects of our politics.