WORST-CASE SCENARIO? Ebola cases could spread, reach 20,000, UN warns

OPINION: What the media are missing in Ebola crisisVIDEO: What happened to Ebola outbreak coverage?

JIHAD’S OWN CIVIL WAR Fighting in Syria spawns rift in terror movement

Obama on Syria: ‘We don’t have a strategy yet’Krauthammer: Obama’s strategy ‘is to do absolutely nothing’VIDEO: Obama addresses growing crises in Syria, Iraq and Ukraine EXCLUSIVE: Fort Hood shooter wants to become ‘citizen’ of ISIS caliphateSources: 2nd American killed fighting with ISIS in Syria ID’dAl Qaeda mag hints at looming attack on US, suggests targetsISIS kills captured Syrian soldiersUS mulls new Iraq relief mission VIDEO: Did White House underestimate ISIS threat?

WELFARE NATION: Over one-third of Americans now receive gov’t benefits

FIFTY YEARS after the ‘war on poverty’ was first waged, there are signs a new offensive is needed as newly released Census data reveals nearly 110 million Americans — more than one-third of the country — are receiving government assistance of some kind.VIDEO: Stunning number of Americans receiving government assistance Report: Food stamp fraud rampantVIDEO: States pushing work requirement for food stamp recipients VIDEO: Large percentage of Americans not saving for retirement

Exploiting the ‘Sex Box’

We recently came across a rather new TV network, Me-TV. It’s great stuff for old fogies (like one of us) — reruns of the best of television from the ’60s and ’70s. “Twelve O’Clock High” never looked better. You probably missed this network in all the TV clutter.