Football: Top rushers, receivers and passers for Sept. 12

Top rushers (by yards) 299 – Aaron Gray, Perry Street Prep, on 18 attempts for 2 TDs in 48-22 win over Cardozo. 192- Jay Cammon Jr., Friendship Collegiate, on 24 attempts for 3 TDs in 52-44 win over Wilson. Read full article >>

Profit or Prejudice? Race Sensitivity Creates New Marketing Risks

When Pepsi-Cola President Walter Mack recognized his company could sell more product to black Americans in the 1940s, he initiated a racially-targeted marketing effort to increase sales. It worked and the companys market share rose dramatically in just a few years. The strategy was so successful, some inside the company were concerned it might be off-putting to white consumers, prompting Mack to declare that Pepsi would not, become known as a n—-r drink.